We add a personal touch to interaction that is independent of time and place
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In our fast and complex world, there is less and less time for personal contact, while the need for this contact remains as great as ever. However, personal contact is linked to simultaneity and therefore also to our busy schedules. We provide the technology to facilitate interaction that is not bound to time and place.

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We can give you the experience of a video interview. We created the possibility to do a short video interview yourself. We start with a few written questions. Afterwards the video interview will start. After you approved your interview you will recieve a link on the e-mail address you specified.

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Communicate with the new generation employees is getting more and more important. New talent is getting scarce and this is why you want to show  your an attractive employee. Potential candidates want to know more about the company they're going to work, what's interesting about them and with whom they need to team up. 

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Clooks for education

Oral exams for language skills, book reviews, internship guidance and application training for your students!

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Clooks for healthcare

By using Clooks it is no longer necessairy for patients to visit the doctor a couple of times per year.

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Clooks for Recruitment

Checking the personality of candidates in the pre-selection?

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We add a personal touch to interaction that is independent of time and place